If you are moving a precious load, you want a reliable partner.


If you are moving a precious load, you want a reliable partner. We do not have to convince you of that. Our flexible fleet and well-trained drivers can handle almost any logistic challenge. DTM Transport is a reliable partner for all aspects of your transportation policy.
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We offer the following services:


Eco Driving
All DTM truck drivers are trained in eco-driving. For this, a partnership was entered into with Garage Kant. Both a comprehensive theoretical training but also a practical part should all drivers aware of the 'green concept'. The "eco drive" principle does not only aim to achieve lower fuel consumption, but also to increase safety and reduce CO² emissions dramatically! In this view, all DTM vehicles equipped with the IShift automatic transmission, which has a positive impact on both fuel consumption and CO² emissions.
Unfortunately, the transportation industry is struggling with an image problem. At DTM we are doing everything we can to change this. Our trucks are always equipped with a blind spot camera. Our drivers have also taken a course about ADR (Agreement on the transportation of Dangerous goods by Road). With these and other measures, we try to ensure the safety of both our drivers and the other people on the road.
In the workshop, the trucks are equipped with the best care by our mechanics. This we guarantee our customers a significant continuity and security. Because of regular maintenance, we also ensure that all material still safely on the road!
Euro 6
Since 2008, DTM has chosen to already comply with the new Euro 6 emission standards. We are an environmentally aware company and we want to do what we can to protect the environment. Several of our newly delivered Volvo trucks comply with this Euro 6 standard.

In order to meet the new emissions requirements that are being introduced in Europe, new solutions are required for diesel engines, combustion processes and exhaust after-treatment techniques.

Volvo is at the very forefront as regards the development of exhaust reducing techniques. A two-fold solution has been developed for meeting the Euro 4 and Euro 5

The new Euro norms for exhaust reduction impose tough demands on all vehicle manufacturers. The difference in exhaust emissions requirements between a Euro 3 and a Euro 4 engine is considerable. Emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) have to be cut from 5 to 3.5 g/kWh, a reduction of 30%. Particulate (PM) emissions must drop from 0.1 to 0.02 g/kWh. This corresponds to a reduction of no less than 80%


If we deliver your goods to your customer or partner, you may be sure that we are your good image will pay tribute. This not only by providing you with a professional driver, but also a beautiful and especially clean truck. Since we have our own car wash our trucks are regularly cleaned thoroughly.
Our new vehicles are monitored with the Dynafleet track and trace system from Volvo. This technology gives us a "real-time" view of the entire fleet. Not only can we play the exact location of the vehicle retrieval, but also data on consumption of the vehicle or row -and rest of our drivers.