Order your taxi card online in just a few steps


Why such a taxi card?
  • You will receive a 10% discount, because we work with a pre-paid payment. You can determine your budget yourself in increments of € 50. We will give you an extra € 5 value on the card per increment of € 50! Order it here in our online shop.
  • How does it work? You order your card and put a certain amount on that card. After each ride, the card is swiped through a credit card terminal in the taxi and the taximeter amount will be deducted. You will receive a receipt with your balance statement from our driver.
  • Ideal to pay your taxi without cash, but also useful to give it to your (outgoing) children or as an original gift! The DTM taxi card can be combined with our mobile app. So you don't need to have the card physically with you, because you will be able to pay in-app through your card (more info in this video).

    Please note that these cab cards are only valid in cabs of DTM or its partners. Any balance on the card will not be refunded.

How to order a taxi card?
  • Once you click the order button, your chart will be displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Enter a number under 'hoeveelheid' (quantity)
  • To continue, click "checkout with PayPal," and follow the instructions
Please note that the first time you order a taxi card, we make a 'free' card for you. In the future, follow the same procedure and we will add the amount of your order to your existing taxi card.