Order your taxi card online in just a few steps


Why such a taxi card?
  • Do you already have a customer account? Send an e-mail to taxicard[at] with your company details.
  • Use these cards to travel on behalf of the firm. After each ride, the magnetic card is swiped through a credit card terminal in the taxi and the metered amount shall return on your monthly bill.
  • You can also provide these cards to your employees or customers / visitors. You can then use them as directed above or if you want, you can put a limited budget (f.e. monthly max. 75€) or a time limit on the card. (f.e. only usable on next Friday night). A combination of both budget and time limit is also possible. If the taximeter amount exceeds the budget on the card, the passenger can always pay extra in cash or by credit card.
  • These cards are ideal for your parties or New Year's receptions. The cards are then considered for single use and after use, our driver will keep them. And again, you can determine your budget if you wish.
The DTM taxi card can be combined with our mobile app. So you don't need to have the card phisically with you, but you can then make a payment through your card, inside the app. (more info in this video).

Please note that these taxi cards are only valid in the taxis of DTM or its partners

Order your taxi card here
How to order a taxi card?
Send an e-mail to taxicard[at] with a description of how you want to use the card(s) (read options above). We then send the card to you, free of charge. Then you can always change the functionality of the card by sending an email to taxicard[at]